Dear YouTubers! Beware! Video Piracy Tutorials can put you in trouble

In Brazil, A YouTuber has been punished and also fined for explaining about how people can access pirate content through online by using the IPTV services. A TV industry group decided to take an exception to the man’s tutorials and the Court can also agree with that they served it only for the infringing copyright but not for the other purpose.

youtube piracy

Even though the piracy-focused tutorials have been available around for many years but the advent of streaming piracy has been combined with the rise of the famous streaming YouTube star which will create a perfect online storm.

A cursory search available in a YouTube is now turned up to thousands of Kodi addons and also the IPTV-focused channels. Each of these will be trying to become the ultimate location for the latest and hottest piracy tips. Even these videos may not be appeared to be a priority for the copyright holders but a channel operator in Brazil has been found that they aren’t without any consequences.

The case which can involves a person called “Marcelo Otto Nascimento”, who is the operator of the famous YouTube channel namely Café Tecnológico. It initially started with the videos about baking bread but later published videos regarding the technological topics which includes the observations on streaming content without paying a penny for it.

In time, this can be attracted the negative attention of a famous local TV industry group called Brazilian Association of Television by Signature which is also known as ABTA. Finally, the group has been decided that to take a legal action and give the complaint about the nature of Nascimento’s YouTube and Facebook pages.

The local Brazilian Association of Television also known as ABTA group already told to the court that the person Nascimento who had been posting the tutorials which will be encouraging the use of equipment and the applications are designed to allow the access to the services and contents of its members although that contents are being protected by the copyright. The trade group can also be decided to call for the removal of the content and also an injunction against Nascimento and an apology. In addition with this, the compensation for material and moral damages are also be claimed by the group ABTA.

Nascimento told in his defence that he just comments on the IPTV systems which cannot breaching the copyright and doesn’t represents the unfair competitions and did not cause the TV companies to face any losses because of that activities. But the Judge Fernando Henrique de Oliveira Biolcati did not agree with the Nascimento’s arguments.

Finally, The Defendant Nascimento was ordered by the court to remove all of his online content that are considered to be the instructional for the pirates, in order to protect the interests of ABTA’s members and their ability to earn income from their contents. In addition to that, the channel operator was banned from publishing any videos in a similar method.