YouTube to MP3 Converter websites are under big risk

Universal, Sony, Capitol and Warner Brothers are some of the group of major record label and they are suing YouTube-mp3.org, which rips audio from the YouTube videos, for every single instance of piracy the site allegedly facilitated.

Suggesting that the publishing of the report and the following legal action doesn’t have any coincidence within it. But the famous publication Torrent Freak has said that an alliance of record labels has been filed a new case against the YouTube-MP3 also known as YTMP3 for infringing their rights. YouTube-MP3 is one of the most popular and also the largest stream ripping website across the world, it earns more than 60 million for the monthly visitors, and at the outset, by using the advertisement to generate the revenue for its service that is free for all the users. The group has been decided to take a legal action against the YouTube for claims the compensation for the downloading music from sites that host pirated content.

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YouTube-MP3 is also being filed for direct, contributory, and inducement of copyright infringement and also in addition with circumvention of technological measures. Defendants are disagree Plaintiffs and their recording artists of the fruits of their labor, Defendants are also earn more income from the operation of the YTMP3 website. Through the promise of illegal delivery of free music, Defendants have always attracted millions of users to the Youtube-MP3 also known as YTMP3 website, which in turn generates advertising revenues for Defendants and it also can add labels for them.

Only an audio can be extracted from a song which is uploaded on YouTube, it always breaking the video streaming service’s Terms and conditions of Service. Since YouTube is mainly depends on advertising to earn more money for the content creator and also itself for maintaining the platform constantly without any issues and the ripping contents like songs will have been robbed it of the compensation once the song is ripped and can be saved it to the offline mode and always goes outside of YouTube’s application.

The plaintiff’s will claims the YouTube-Mp3 provides and also facilitates the means for its users to engage in the copyright infringement, while get the income by doing the copyright infringement activities and also violating the terms and conditions of the YouTube’s service. The record labels are decided to file a case against the YouTube-Mp3 for claiming $150,000 in damages for each and every single case of alleged piracy for the site has over 60 million users per month. The BBC also reported that they are also requesting a court order that would ban the web hosts, advertisers and all the other third parties from facilitating the access to the youtube-mp3.org.

As an evidence, which are present in the court document can includes more than 300 names the songs downloaded from the popular YouTube-Mp3 also called YTMP3. Here are some of the samples: You’re Beautiful, All about That Bass, “Timber” – Pit bull, “Fight Song”-Rachel Patten, “Fireflies” – Owl City, “100 Years” – Five for Fighting.


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