How to watch UFC Khabib vs McGregor fight online for free

After a long time, the MMA fans have got the opportunity to watch the match between the legends. This is said to be the biggest fight in UFC history. The glorious come back of the man Connor Mcgregor after the accident to fight the unbeatable and undisputed UFC lightweight champ Khabib ‘THE EAGLE’ Nurmagomedov.

The match is about to happen at T-Mobile Arena located in Las Vegas. The fans cannot surely miss this fight!  What if you get 73% on the PPV? It will be great right. Now you will be able to watch the match for exciting rates if you heed to the steps below. You can view the match at cheap costs at the pay- per -view using a VPN.

The price of the UFC PPV changes according to the countries in which they are shown. Some countries have the cheapest PPV prices that you can view through the VPN. Now that is what we are going to see.

You know that all the tickets have been sold out. It was expected in the match of course for it is going to create history. Khabib is the best ‘GRAPPLER’ of the entire UFC platform and he is going to fight the guy who is well-known for his ‘STAND-UP’. So this is certainly going to be an epic match.


Watch UFC Khabib vs McGregor fight online for free

A person living in the Philippines might get to watch the match for cheap rates compared to the person seeing in the US. There is a way for you to see it at a cheap price. You can use the VPN to spoof the location and watch the match.

  • First, subscribe to the recommended channels which will show the match.
  • VPN app should be downloaded in your device.
  • Launch VPN by going to the server lists and connect to the server in the Philippines.
  • Visit the official UFC site and click the UFC PPV. Now you can see the drop in the PPV price because of the change in the location.
  • Then now you are able to finally enjoy watching the most awaited match from any country in the world at fewer rates.

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Use the different channels to stream Khabib vs McGregor fight online for free

The official broadcasters for the match are not announced yet but it is maintained that the broadcasters who did it previously will do it. There are many broadcasting channels that are going to show the match all over the world. The online broadcasters are the Fox sports that will display to the fans in the US. The BT sport will entertain the local fans of UFC.

You can visit the channel called GLOBO if you are residing in Brazil. The Japanese fans can see it on the channel WOWOW. In Russia, the match can be viewed in the channels Russia Two and Match TV. In these channels, you can view the match LIVE.

This is a really great opportunity for the fans of the UFC to enjoy the fight between two of the strongest men in the world. So follow the methods above to watch UFC 229 Khabib vs McGregor fight online for free the matches for discounted rates.