Net neutrality myth and dark side

The term net neutrality who discovered by the Columbia University media law professor Tim Wu in the year of 2003, it is an extension of the longstanding theory of a common carrier which is used to describe the role of telephone systems

Net neutrality is nothing but the principle of that government must mandate the Internet service providers to treat all the information on the internet the same, and don’t allow the charge differently by user,website, application, website and method of communication . in this, internet service  providers are unable to intentionally block, charge pay for some particular websites and other online content:

Net neutrality if most useful for small business owners, and some startups because of relying on the open internet to start their businesses, develop markets, and make advertisement of their products and services to reach customers. So we need the open internet to get faster job growth

Pros of neutrality:

It develops an equal playing field.

In net neutrality, internet service providers are holding, which can distribute through the mechanisms that are taken by consumers to obtain the internet. There are controlled in place for illegal activities, but companies like Comcast or AT&T cannot able to change how a customer’s data is delivered to them. it means an ISP under net neutrality cannot do the block access, develop services, simply because there is something that runs on which they don’t like.

It protects freedom of expression.

There some Websites such as services, blogs, businesses and that remain by the law are able to operate legally. when the laws go unbroken, content will not be censored. Without the net neutrality, ISPs could potentially censor disparaging content or also content they do not suit with.

Illegal actions are still observed.

There’s some of the Incredible content can be found on the internet if you’re ready to look for it. and sometimes even when you’re not interested to look for it. The aim of the net neutrality is to give every person with an experience that is optimal. it means explains that illegal actions are still prevented, including  some illegal file sharing, due to the fact that each ISP would be treated as a regulated common carrier

Creates invocation, completion and unfettered access:

An open internet assures that larger company don’t have any extra advantage over small startups. It’s a how playing field on the internet, where everything is delivered as quickly as possible to the end user. Then, this Net neutrality has smashed the potential for internet fast lanes, where internet service providers can charge content developers for enough bandwidth to deliver their service without any issues.


Cons of net neutrality:

incredible content rises in net neutrality.

sometimes that the content may get obscene, is readily available to anyone because of the net neutrality. which holds items that may be risky of personal, graphic videos, religious faiths that are not suitable for children. there are tools which can help families and people to block this content

Cost of infrastructure

according to the Brandon Smietana, founder of Symbolic Analytics has been attention over the price tag for the current infrastructure, and a compressed capacity of telecoms and ISPs to monetize service providers for bandwidth usage


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