How can Kodi be installed on Roku?

It is one of the best streaming service i.e. Kodi meets with the best streaming device called Roku. Nothing can be suite the versatility of Roku streaming devices, while the freedom to stream anything for free comes with Kodi.

What is Roku?

Roku is generally a set-top box that is very similar to the Apple TV that streams popular streaming applications such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, and much more. It mainly works based on internet connection to stream the content available from these services and is often considered as an ultimate solution to for cord-cutting. Anyhow, to watch the content on Roku you have to subscribe to the streaming services.

Use of Roku

Roku has a huge selection of popular streaming services within a single roof. If you have subscribed to these streaming services such as Netflix, HBO, Hulu, then you can watch all of its content on Roku.

How Roku Works?

You can easily setup the Roku on your TV sets, and even it is quite simpler to get channels for streaming. You have to follow the below steps.

Step 1: First you have to plug Roku device on your TV.

Step 2: Then connect Roku to an internet Wi-Fi.

Step 3: Finally, launch Roku on your TV.

How to Get Kodi on Roku Using Windows PC

It is one of the easiest form of installing Roku on Kodi by using Windows PC.It can take only few seconds to complete the full setup and will be over before you know it. Follow the below steps carefully to install kodi on Roku.

Step 1: First you have to open your system and then click on the Start Menu.

Step 2: Now you enter Device Settings on Windows Search Bar.

Step 3: Now you can select Add Device option to add a new device.

Step 4: Now select the Roku 3 as your streaming device from the given list.

Once you have completed all the steps that are mentioned above, then you will see a purple screen appear on your Roku 3 which clearly indicates that you have successfully installed Kodi on Roku. Now mirror the content directly from Kodi to the Roku device.


How to Get Kodi on Roku Using Android Smart TV

If you have an Android Smart TV then you can install Roku on it. It is so easier than anything you have installed. You have to follow the below steps carefully to get Kodi on Roku by using your Android Smart TV.

Step 1: First you have to go to Roku 3 Homepage by pressing the Home button.

Step 2: Now you can go to the Settings option and then select the System Update and make sure that you have Roku Software Build 5.2 or an upgrade version.

Step 3: Again you have to go to the Settings and then select the Screen Mirroring option.

Step 4: Now you can select the option Enable Screen Mirroring and then click OK.

Once you have done all the above steps, then you are ready to use the Roku on Kodi, thus you can stream all of your favorite media contents.