Most of the Internet Users were Warned over Fake Piracy

After fake piracy fines demands 100s of euros to the Internet users in Germany, the People are being warned to be on their guard. The emails also explains that the user has infringed the rights of 20th Century Fox by streaming illegal content that are available in the popular platform called the “Kinox”. But only after investigation it was found that the whole thing was a scam which has been designed to be a part of the people from their hard-earned cash.

fake piracy

Most of the people who can obtain and also share the large quantities of material through the online understand that comes with risk, possibly in the form of an ISP-forwarded warning, a letter is mainly send for demanding a case or even a visit from the police.

While the latter only it happens in the rarest of situations and the warnings are relatively in the commonplace, especially in the United States where the companies like Rightscorp which can pumps them out in their thousands. Letters are also be demanding for the cash payment which can be sent by the so-called copyright trolls which are less prevalent but nowadays most of the people are clearly understand the concept of a piracy ‘fine’.

By this level of understanding in the mainstream, there are so many opportunities are available for the scammers those who have periodically tried to extract more payments from the Internet users all over the world those who have done nothing wrong. This is one of the current case going in German country, where a consumer group is warning of a wave of piracy ‘fines’ being sent out to completely innocent victims.

The emails, which claim to be sent on behalf of 20th Century Fox, allege the recipient who has been infringed the copyright on the famous streaming portal called as “Kinox”. For this, they are demanding a payment from them for more than 375 euros but actually the entire thing happened around is considered as an elaborated scam. These emails are actually be clever. Unlike some fairly primitive previous efforts.

The cash demand offers is being up the personal information about the user, such as IP addresses, browser, and operating system.

However, an external piracy monitoring system and subsequent court order as happens with the Bit Torrent cases, and the data is always pulled from the user’s machine when a third-party link is clicked. During that time the user doesn’t know the pulling process going without his permission.

The local consumers group decided to warn that do not pay for it. Obviously you can report to the local police. They should take the necessary action against the illegal activities.

One of the interesting thing is the warning people are advised by the scammers to pay their fine directly to a bank account available in the United Kingdom country. Hopefully, now it has been shut down but it is worth is always mentioning that the people must avoid the direct bank transfer activity with anyone they don’t trust.


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