How To Remember Pokemon Weaknesses?

Pokemon may seem like a simple game for the viewers. But, fans only know how complex it is to play the game. Each Pokemon comes with different attacks, along with its strength and weakness.

The thought of memorizing the strengths and weaknesses of varying Pokemon types is quite a hard thing for the players. Hence, we’ve come up with the following analogy that will help you to remember.

Understand the type of weaknesses with Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

Ghost Vs. ghost and Dark

Ghost-type Pokemon are more effective against ghosts. This makes sense until you understand the ghost type Pokemon weakness. The ghost type is weak against the dark type Pokemon. The dark type Pokemon summons the ghost type and control them with its evil magic. Hence, the dark type is highly dominant against ghost type.

Fairy Vs. Poison and Steel

Generally, Fairy Pokemon represents natural force. Whereas steel is an artificial creation of humans and hence, Fairy is weak against steel. Also, Poison-type Pokemon is a toxin and can pollute nature; that is why it is weak against Poison type.

Fire Vs. Water, Ground, and Rock

We all know that fire will be extinguished if we put a sand, rock, or pour water on it. The same thing will happen in Pokemon too. That is why Fire-type Pokemon are weak against these Pokemon types in Pokemon go.

Water Vs. Electric and Grass

In nature, plants absorb water. Also, if electricity flow-through water and anyone touches it, it may kill everyone.

Electric Vs. Ground

Though electricity is reliable against water, the earth absorbs electric power.

Grass Vs. Fire, Ice, Bug, Flying, Poison

Plants are naturally weak to adverse weather conditions like heat and cold. Also, bugs and birds can eat them, and hence Grass-type is weak against Ice, Fire, Flying, and Bug. Also, as I said earlier, poison type is toxins and can destroy nature. That is why the grass is weak against Poison-type as well.

Ice Vs. Fire, Rock, Steel, and Fighting

Though fire type is weak against water, it is strong enough to melt the ice. Also, ice is generally soft towards more durable materials like steel, rock, and fighters.

Fighting Vs. Psychic, Flying, and Fairy

A fighting type cannot throw its punches towards the flying-type. Whereas, the flying type like a bird can use that moment and strike the fighter. Likewise, the natural force of Fairy and aging has a significant effect on a fighter-type ability.

Poison Vs. Ground and Psychic

The earth can easily absorb the poison. Also, when the body is poisoned, the mind is a meta-physic that has over poison.

Ground Vs. Grass, Ice, and Water

The ground is weak to the roots of plants, water, and freezing because these may cause cracks to the ground.

Flying Vs. Electric, Rock, and Ice

Flying-type Pokemon are weak to the types like lighting (Electric), Rockslide (Rock), and Blizzard (Ice). These pokemon types can easily hit the bird (flying).

Psychic Vs. Bug, Ghost, Dark

Psychic is afraid of Bugs, Dark, and Ghost. So, the Psychic Pokemon is weak against these types of creatures in Pokemon go.

Bug Vs. Flying, Rock, and Fire

Bugs can be easily defeated by Birds, Fire, and Rock in real life. Likewise, in Pokemon, bug-type can be easily killed with these types.

Rock Vs. Grass, Water, Ground, Steel, and Fighting

Rock is weak to stable things like Steel and Fighter. Besides, rock-type is soft and breaks to things like Grass, Water, and Ground.

Dragon Vs. Dragon, Fairy, and Ice

Dragon-type Pokemon are more powerful, but they have weaknesses too. They are mainly weak to the natural type Pokemon like Fairy. On the other hand, dragon s are known to breathe fire, water, electric, and plant effects.

Steel Vs. Fighting, Fire, and Ground

Steel is the artificial thing taken out of the ground and then melted in a fire to give shape. Hence, they are weak towards these Pokemon types.

Dark Vs. Fairy, Fighting, and Bug

Dark represents some mystery tricks, whereas fighting is noble and disciplined in technique. Hence, they are weak against Fighting and Fairy type. Also, Dark is soft to Bug-type because bugs flourish in darkness.

Normal Vs. Fighting

Usually, a normal-type will lose its strength against the trained fighter.

Bottom lines

Understanding the type of weakness will help you to succeed in your battleground. So, try to remember the weakness of your Pokemon by comparing it with the other type Pokemon. If you have any further queries, leave us your comment below!