How Online Portal Helps To Elevate The Relation Between Co-Workers?

Interaction and awareness about each other are what keeps the human race going. We all are social animals who somewhere or the other linger and depend upon each other for our needs and wants. Without social communication, our mental health would just deteriorate, make us more prone to mental stress and illness and even physical ailments. The interaction is very important especially when people are working together in teams in offices and other workspaces. To bridge the gap between the employees, Greatpeople.Me forms the perfect platform.

What is Greatpeople.Me?

Specially built for people working at Kroger, the site provides a perfect space for developing interrelations between the co-workers. It helps them gain a commonplace for finding updates, latest news, pay subs, scheduled meetings, files, work schedules, etc.

It provides for a centralized space where the Kroger employees have access from anywhere and anytime. With present over several places in the USA, it is accessible only to the Kroger employee and no one else. Several other spaces can provide for centralized data but the Kroger group made themselves their own personal space – Greatpeople.Me.

Accessing the portal

Accessing their portal is not just for a common man. It has certain requirements or in official terms some terms and conditions. They are:

  1. The most important requirement is to be a part of the Kroger group as an employee. Only then one would receive a valid user Id and password.
  2. The site is available in multiple places like PC, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc. It is therefore accessible from anywhere and anytime.
  3. There are only certain web browsers that support the site therefore one must have it along with strong internet connectivity.
  4. Every employee of Kroger is provided with essential credentials like user Id and password that are important for logging in the site.

Logging in procedure

The logging in the procedure for Greatpeople.Me is just as simple as logging in to other sites. The steps include:

  1. Collecting and making sure that one has all the credentials required for logging in. If one lacks the credentials, the best would be to contact the office staff to know about the details.
  2. Going to the URL from a supported web browser that would pave the way to the company’s portal and typing in all your credentials.
  3. After entering the credentials, one must click on to the login or simply press enter. This would give the next space where several tabs and Titles are available as per the department and required work.

Problems and Restrictions

Just like any other platform, this platform is near to perfect but not perfect. It may contain certain glitches that some might experience or encounter. They can be:

  1. Invalid password – With so many accounts being made individually for every employee, there can be a human error of invalid password. To address this one must contact the helpdesk personnel who would let know the reason and dissolve the issue.
  2. As per the requirements, strong internet connectivity is a must. Therefore people with moderate or slow internet may receive a glitch in loading the server and the website can fail to load.
  3. Several employees are working and therefore have access to the page. When the traffic on the website is high, one may have to wait for a certain time and be patient while the login portal is loading.
  4. When a person encounters an issue of session time out, they must simply reload the page, type in the credentials and log in again. This would again establish the connection to the portal.
  5. Apart from all of these measures, there is a helpdesk that is available at a particular time every day to assist the issues.

With a new technical way of creating bonds, Greatpeople.Me stands different among the crowd. Every employee is interdependent when at a workspace for something or the other. If one of the work is delayed or lost of mismanaged the graph changes and some works come to a halt.

With better resource management and a great technique of centralizing data, the environment, as well as the efficiency of the firm, increases to the next level. Everything is more manageable, profitable and of course more reliable!