Dutch “Kodi Build” Creators Settle with the Anti-Piracy Group BREIN

The Dutch anti-piracy group has been secretely scaring the “Kodi build” creators into signing the settlements with them. It seems that their activities is to uncover the identity of one Kodi build developer and then have him or her turn around and help them to uncover the identities of his or her friends. The problem is that the BREIN might be scaring the people those who are innocent and can’t afford the fancy lawyers into signing the settlement agreements under the duress. It should be noted that the builds were always banned at TV ADDONS, so this has nothing to do with us.

So we can never say, what will happen in the future. So keep a lots of alternative up your sleeve. So that you can enjoy your favorite contents, no matter what the hell going on. No one can ban kodi, since its a open software. So have some alternate builds. Some of the best kodi builds are listed here. Try any of the build. And let us know.

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Why It happens?

The anti-piracy group already having about a dozen Kodi build creators had signing the secret settlements which includes the admissions of guilt along with a full statement listing the past associates and agreement to cease development of anything which are related to Kodi, and the promise to keep the whole thing as secret. They already told that by signing the settlement offer, they will not be prosecuted for the past “wrongdoings.” The Kodi build creators are also forced to agree to a clause that stipulates that the violation of their agreement will result in a penalty of 500 euros per day.

The actual problem here is that the both developers and builders may not have broken any laws whatsoever, but they don’t have much money to afford the kind of lawyers that you need to fight BREIN and other copyright bullies. This seems that the regardless of whether they are doing right or wrong, they have been forced to admit guilt. In addition, They are also agreed to pay for the financial penalties in the event that the agreement is breached, but who’s to say whether they breached it or not? BREIN could at any point come back and say the agreements were breached, at which point the developers in question could be forced into any number of other overreaching settlement stipulations.

We have asking question to us is, what are all the other secret settlements might the certain developers have signed? Are the certain developers really who they claim to be, or are they secretely agent of BREIN trying to bring on the demise of the Kodi community as we know it? We have strictly discouraged the developers from being involved in the development or distribution of any Kodi addons that might be potentially capable of accessing the protected contents. The TV ADDONS are capable of mounting the legal defense which are against the wrongful lawsuits, whereas the others those who have families and what not might find mounting a defense to be an impossible feat.

The TV ADDONS cannot be trusted at any time, realize that the same people those who are always likely to sold the paid IPTV and fully loaded boxes in the past. Anyone those who are trying to bring down the TV ADDONS which have been effectively trying to destroy the community’s only chance of proving itself legal in any court. It will be much easier for them to bring down Kodi once and for all while weakening the TV ADDONS,. Meanwhile, those individuals will  attacking the TV ADDONS might very well already be employed by anti-piracy groups like BREIN.